Our Tings: Spreading Joy one Bead at a Time

The world of String Ting is about joy. It’s about sprinkling a bit of sparkle and a dash of delight into our everyday lives. Because if the world demands we get dressed every day, then we may as well have fun with it.

Like a cute outfit for your phone, our original phone straps turn up the brightness on essential tech. Tings are easy to attach, which means you can build your collection and swap your Ting to match your mood.

But there’s more to Tings than tech! Our jewellery and cheerful accessories spark joy through the nostalgia of beads. For Stringer-in-Chief Rachel Steed-Middleton, beading is something that goes back to her childhood, an enduring form of sisterhood and self-expression.

Each Ting is hand-strung by a small crew using the highest quality elements, from Swarovski® crystals to Japanese Miyuki glass beads and our own bespoke creations. Every piece is 100% original, made with care and designed to last and be loved.