About String Ting

Bright things for shading times

“A bizarre standout accessory” - Vogue.com

We are a line of handmade phone straps, frame chains and bracelets saturated with colourful, mood-boosting style.

In the span of a few months, String Ting has gone from a one-off fundraising initiative for frontline workers, to a burgeoning, bead-centric brand that exudes optimistic expression and escapist, easygoing cool.

Looped through a phone case or attached to a pair of sunglasses, each hands-free String Ting creation is as practical as it is Pop. Worn on their own, in stacks, or juxtaposed with watches and jewellery, bracelets become friendly talismans. Chains that clip onto mask straps can double as necklaces.

Founder Rachel Steed-Middleton has adored beads since childhood, but never envisioned them as more than a fun activity. Flash forward to 2020, a changed world that has propelled people to rediscover pastimes and embrace the unexpected. With her background in branding and design, Rachel is determined to spread positivity with every String Ting: bright things for shady times.

From the brand’s home in London, String Ting has already established an enthusiastic, international and diverse following, as people in Paris, L.A., New York, Singapore and elsewhere gravitate towards small things that transmit good vibes. Beads in acrylic, glass and resin are strung on satin cord as highly-detailed, happiness-inducing designs.

While new creations will be introduced regularly as drops, certain styles have become instant String Ting signatures. These include the Acid Piano cross-body, the Happy Days gradient rainbow cross-body, the Here Comes The Sun multicoloured wristlet, and the Night Garden wristlet with its twilight hues and evil eye charms. Indeed, names are deliberately offbeat; from songs to sweets, travel to trippy visions, inspirations transform into light-hearted affirmations.

String Ting makes a colourful impression on social media, too. Thus far, posts on Instagram appear with vibrant consistency, as two-tone borders suggest a 21st century twist on the abstract artwork of Josef Albers. Wearers spanning Alana O’Herlihy,  Devon Carlson, Crystal Anderson, and Dua Lipa show how their String Tings add a touch of joy and eccentricity to their everyday look.

“A bizarre standout accessory,” as described on Vogue.com.

Operating primarily on a direct-to-consumer model, String Ting takes a personal approach to every purchase and is open to special requests and collaborations. All orders can be shipped worldwide. And as Rachel continues to expand her creative vision, the brand will increasingly engage in giving back.


For enquiries, please email: hello@stringting.com