Silver Linings Wristlet Phone Strap

Silver Linings Wristlet Phone Strap


PLEASE NOTE: this design now comes on black string!

Have you seen my pho…STOP!

Introducing this little hero, the Silver Linings Wristlet String Ting. Not only is she going to save you from losing your phone again for the 3 millionth time this month, she’s cute too. 

This is not just an accessory or a functional doodah my dears, this is a STRING TING! Sent to earth to turn your phone into a charm.

Wear your fire on your sleeve with our wristlet version. Her soft stars and silver lined pearls will brighten your daydreams and your life!

Every one is as unique as their owner with bead designs that may vary ever so slightly. 

Bright Things for Shady Times