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Bright things for shading times

“A bizarre standout accessory” - Vogue.com
“An unconventional techcessory" The Zoe Report

String Ting is comprised mainly of phone wristlets and cross-body straps that exude optimistic expression and colourful cool. Each piece beaded by hand, they add an exuberant touch to selfies while offering a cute to way go hands-free. In style and statement, String Ting is unabashedly irreverent. It is a playful piece of phone jewellery that easily loops through a phone case - as practical as it is pop.

Founded by Rachel Steed-Middleton, String Ting was born during the first wave of the pandemic as a one-off fundraising initiative for frontline workers. In the span of a few months, Rachel created an independent business, building a team of makers based in South East London who assemble every piece with care. Beads in acrylic, glass and resin are strung on resistant satin cord, resulting in happiness-inducing designs that hold up to daily use. 

Already, certain styles have become instant String Ting signatures and comprise the core offering. These include Here Comes The Sun, Night Garden, Acid Piano and the Jolly Rancher which is comprised of 30 of the world’s finest glass cut crystals. Indeed, names are deliberately offbeat from songs to sweets, travel to trippy visions, inspirations transform into light-hearted affirmations. Increasingly, certain styles feature up-cycled beads as limited editions. String Ting also proposes mask and sunglass chains that double as necklaces. Like mood-boosting talismans, bracelets can be worn on their own, in stacks, or juxtaposed with watches and jewellery. 

Social media has become an effortless way for people to show their String Ting love. If a photograph of Dua Lipa with her wristlet contributed to an initial surge of interest, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber, Miley Cyrus and dozens of others have been showing off their wristlets, which are impossible to miss. Recently String Ting collaborated with young artist Syd Deriggs of My Teenage Diary to produce limited edition stickers which are included with purchase.

Operating primarily on a direct-to-consumer model, String Ting takes a personal approach to every purchase and is open to collaborations. All orders can be shipped worldwide. And as Rachel continues to expand her creative vision, the brand is engaged in giving back. Among the organisations to which String Ting has donated are Girls Inc., Damilola Taylor Trust, Beam and FoodCycle as well as various Just Giving campaigns. 

That's the essence of String Ting: Small items that transmit good vibes. 

For enquiries, please email: hello@stringting.com