Happy Cake Mix Crossbody Phone Strap

Happy Cake Mix Crossbody Phone Strap


Do you know where your phone is right now? 

OK, never busy your brain with that question again.

Introducing the Happy Cake Mix Crossbody String Ting. Not only is this little ting going to save you from losing your phone for the 3 millionth time this month, she’s cute too. 

This is not just an accessory or a functional doodah, this is a STRING TING! Sent to earth to turn your phone into a charm.

Saddle up and sling your phone in crossbody-style with 60 centimeters of rainbow. Her hot pink string, happy smiley flower and kaleidoscope sprinkle cake mix beads will brighten your life!

Every one is as unique as their owner with designs that may vary ever so slightly. 

Colour, it's what we need right now.

Bright Things for Shady Times

*please note, as this is a handmade item, the colour of the smiley flower may change according to flower availability 🌈💫